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Further Development for Coaches and Trainers

YOU are well trained, know what you wish to communicate, have engaged with your own values, your role and your attitude. Do you have a well-grounded education, customers and orders?

Or, alternatively, are you new to the coaching profession, have enjoyed a coaching education but do not yet know how to handle a group. Often you don’t know how to design your workshops, how you can communicate your content, how to make processes visible and discussable, how to connect with your group or how to handle ‘difficult’ participants, who, in any case, already know everything and only wish to consume ‘passively’.

WE have conducted innumerable workshops as project leaders, consultants, organisational and personnel developers, as coaches, mediators, trainers and moderators. We have tried everything possible, have sometimes failed and were often satisfied.

In recent years, many of our colleagues have asked us to help in the preparation of workshops and were thankful for our input. Therefore, the idea for this workshop came into being – from the practice for the practice.

Our workshop

In our workshop you receive a toolbox, as well as tips, tricks and ideas for the design of workshops and seminars, which you can utilise, irrespective of  content.

You experience how to use models, materials and metaphors to create small ‘Aha’ experiences and to sometimes leave deeper impressions. We humans express ourselves not only through language but also through our feelings, our charisma, our bodies, and through symbols  which we identify with and with which we surround ourselves.  This type of communication conveys many things implicitly, which, in workshops and trainings, are often not explicitly addressed by either the moderator or the participant.

Thus, our workshop orientates itself around the following key questions:

What tools and ideas can you utilise to permit these inner processes, which have a tendency to remain hidden, to become visible?

How can you allow the “non-verbal” to become perceptible without embarrassing someone ?

How can you make the meaningful recognisable by means of playful diversions?

Method:  In principle, we engage in a process-orientated way and look forward to your questions, wishes and expectations. We are happy to work with your concept ideas for your own workshops. In our seminars, everything we do is theoretically supportable and, at the same time, geared towards the practical.

Topics: How do I design seminars? How do I conceptualise a team training and what should I definitely do? How can I work with agile methods and how do I run such a workshop? Workshop on neuro-didactics.

Place and Time: We carry out workshops in Schulstr. 13, 82131 Gauting.  If you have a group of at least four people, you can get in contact and we will arrange an appointment. The maximum number of participants is 8 people.

We look forward to your non-binding enquiry


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