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Our partners

For some projects we use the support of partners who have special know-how that we do not have. The following partners have proven themselves in cooperation and enjoy our fullest trust.

Nicola Schmid-Burgk – Practice for Gestalt Therapy

We often recommend our customers to work with Nicola Schmid-Burgk. In addition to individual therapies and coaching, she advises companies on personality development, team development and leadership development.

AusZeit Event

Bavarian sympathetic events with teambuilding character. Sporty, playful or relaxing. Indoor or outdoor. By water, by land or on the mountain. Individually tailored to your wishes!


The consulting firm sees it as its task to help companies achieve greater efficiency. Ewico has specialists in project management and project tools.

Regine Lörscher

In individual cases we recommend our clients to work with Regine Lörscher. As a psychotherapist, she specialises in working with the “inner team”.

The Metatheory of Change

We always strive for professionalism. Our work is accordingly based on a solid scientific and theoretical foundation.

The metatheory provides justifications for why we do what we do. Interested parties can read here. Interrelationships and mechanisms become clearer; work steps that at first glance might seem irritating or contradict expectations of consulting become understandable.

The metatheory thus offers orientation both to us and to our clients. It helps us to ensure that we talk about the same thing.

Cevey Systems

Whenever we have to measure potential we trust the competence of our co-operation partner Cevey Systems.  The Systems House states that it turns soft factors into hard factors and thus documents their relevance for the success of the organisation. For us the assessments offer a basis for concepts and evaluations leading to development measures.

DBVC Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching e.V.

As a senior coach in the DBVC (German Coaching Association) I actively promote a more professional attitude towards business coaching. In frequent meetings amoungst collegues we work on further development of our work quality.

Tatjana Schumann – OPTIMAL DIGITAL

Our website was implemented by OPTIMAL DIGITAL, an Online Marketing Consultancy in Munich. We also work closely with Tatjana Schumann on other online marketing measures.

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